Chiropractic: 100 years ahead of it's time!!

Do you have to go forever?  

NO, not any shorter or longer than it takes to reach your health goals whether it’s to get rid of your pain, eliminate a condition, or maximize your health. Please understand healing is a process that takes time and we will tell you the truth, as best we can. Once your body is in alignment and your symptoms have been reduced and the cause of your problem has been addressed, periodic chiropractic check-ups, like brushing and flossing your teeth, getting regular exercise and eating wholesome foods, is part of a healthy life style. Those who are active, have stressful jobs or want to be their very best find that a schedule of preventative visits are helpful in the maintenance of good health. However, how long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.

Do you take care of whiplash and auto accidents?

YES-We have tremendous experience in this area having taken care of 1500-2000 patients; such cases from the minor fender bender, to seriously injured patients with multiple fractures. If you are in an accident consult our office immediately. Studies show 60% of auto accident victims continue to experience symptoms, and residuals even 10 years after their accident. We will file your insurance for you and work with your attorney if you need one.

What about kids?

We have cared for over 2000 children as young as 1 day old, for birth trauma and have seen great results in bed wetting, colic, decreased Immune System, ear infections, A.D.D, falls, sport injuries and other ailments caused by an improperly aligned spine or pinched nerves in the spine. Pediatric adjustments are gentle and kids enjoy visiting us. If you don’t want your kids taking toxic drugs, and getting unnecessary surgery we would be happy to care for them. Your kids are worth it and remember as the twig is bent, so grows the tree. Help grow our children healthier and stronger, that’s a must in today’s environment.

Senior Citizens.

An absolute must. Movement is critical at an elderly age and the process of aging brings on many pains, and restrictions, which can be tempered, eliminated, or diminished through Chiropractic care. I promise I will treat you like my mother, and keep you alive while you are alive.

Is it affordable?

We will do our best to make it so. We accept all insurance that accepts us (Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Healthlink, Medicare, Medicaid, Workman's Comp., Auto Accident Insurance and many others) and most insurance plans cover chiropractic care to some degree. We provide Care Credit and accept Mastercard and Visa. We would be happy to work with you financially so that you can begin your care immediately. If you are without insurance coverage, we will establish a payment plan you can afford.


We will always gladly accept anyone as a patient that you refer to us and provide them with outstanding care because we understand it’s a reflection of your confidence in us.

Speaker and Educator:

gives ongoing training workshops and lectures in his office as well as to schools, churches, and businesses, on spinal care, how to maximize your health, nutrition, weight loss, positive mental attitude, and the science of success and optimized living. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker, call our office and we would be delighted to speak MestdaghDr. to you about the details.


You know most of what to do but you don’t do it. Why? because habits are 1000’s of times stronger than goals or desires. We will teach you not only the latest scientific information on what to do, and what to take, but most important how to break those destructive habits, that keep you overweight and unhealthy or at the same level year after year. 

Top 10 Dangerous Thoughts About Your health:

  1. It will go away if I ignore it.
  2. I'll just take some ibuprofen.
  3. I'm fine. My back doesn't hurt at all.
  4. It's too late, I'm to old to get better.
  5. I can "crack" my own back.
  6. My doctor says there's nothing else I can do.
  7. I went to a chiropractor once and he fixed me.
  8. I'm healthy. I'm not taking any medications at all.
  9. I'm too busy. I'll do it next week.
  10. My wife/husband doesn't believe in it.

Dr. Laurie and the staff

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