Should children be adjusted by a chiropractor, and if so, how old should they be?

 At the moment of birth a child may experience a tremendous amount of torsion and stress on the vertebrae of the spine. This action can be the cause of the child's first subluxation. A subluxation is the condition when two or more vertebrae in the spine do not properly align, causing interference with the normal transmission of communication between the brain and the body.

vertebrae that is out of place can interfere with your nervous system so that it cannot communicate effectively with the rest of your body. That is why chiropractic is so important. A chiropractor specializes in removing the structural misalignment which allows your nervous system to effectively, transmit information to the body.

A chiropractor can ensure that the child is free of vertebral subluxations so that the child's body can function at its optimum level. "As a twig is bent, so grows the tree." Chiropractic spinal hygiene can allow children to grow up healthier, building strong natural immunity.

The trauma of the birthing process, in conjunction with a child’s everyday activities, make growing spines highly susceptible to vertebral subluxations. Chiropractic is noninvasive, safe, and effective. Chiropractors use no drugs or surgery.A child is never too young to be checked and adjusted.
I personally have checked and cared for over a thousand children, as young as one day old and my eldest patient to the date has been 98 years old. Spinal stress with subluxations may cause many different types of symptoms. I have cared for children often with good, and sometimes spectacular results for such conditions as:
Neck aches
Learning disorders
Poor posture
Weakness or Fatigue
Sinus trouble
Loss of hearing
Ear infections
Sore throat
Eye problems
Skin disorders
Scoliosis or curvature
Neurological conditions
Frequent colds
Muscular dystrophy
Cerebral palsy
Poor concentration
Arm and hand pain
Painful joints
Hip, leg and foot pain
Shoulder pain
A foot turned in or out
One leg shorter
Unusual behavior
Shoes wear out unevenly
If your child has any of these conditions it is vital to make sure his or her spine is healthy.
Call us. We are affordable, gentle, and always available to help.
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Questions About Family & Child Care


WHEN you want to give your child a head start in good health. Doctors of Chiropractic believe it's much more important to prevent diseases than wait till some illness occurs. Through regular adjustments, counseling on proper diet, exercise and posture, the Doctor of Chiropractic can help you raise a child whose body is structurally and functionally sound. Your child will also learn good health habits at an early age which can be very beneficial to him or her as an adult.

When should I take my child to a Doctor of Chiropractic?

Take your child immediately to the nearest emergency medical facility. When your child's condition has stabilized, then call on any of your child's health care team for help and advice. It's essential that when an emergency arises, you or anyone else responsible for your children know where to go and whom to call.

What if my child has a high fever, severe pain or other serious medical problem?

Doctors of Chiropractic are licensed in all 50 states of the U.S. to provide chiropractic care to children and adults.A doctor who is interested in providing the best care possible will belong to a chiropractic pediatric council and take regular continuing post-graduate courses in pediatrics. Some may pursue a postgraduate degree in pediatrics. Choose a doctor with a family practice or who is referred to you by another parent.

Do all Doctors of Chiropractic care for children? How do I choose?

You are. As a parent, you must take responsibility for your child's health and use your best judgment as to what is most appropriate for your child. Fortunately, there are some outstanding primary health care providers to help you make your decisions, including your Doctor of Chiropractic, pediatrician and dentist. These professionals can make up your child's personal health care team.

There are so many different health care specialists today. Who is really responsible for the health of my children?

Doctors of Chiropractic are trained to recognize complex health problems. Their primary obligation is the welfare of the child. When they reach their limits of skill and authority, the International Chiropractors Association's position is that "doctors in all fields of practice are ethically and morally bound to make patient referrals to practitioners in other fields of healing when such referrals are necessary to provide the highest quality of patient care."

What if my child has a health problem that doesn't respond to chiropractic care?

Doctors of Chiropractic have been providing safe and effective care or children for nearly 100 years. There are several published studies conducted by researchers in Germany, Australia, Denmark and the United States which confirm the effectiveness of chiropractic for a variety of childhood illnesses. This body of scientific evidence is growing every day.

How effective is chiropractic care for children?

Chiropractic is one of the safest forms of health care. A baby's spine is very supple during the first few months of life and the Doctor of Chiropractic applies only a slight pressure to make spinal adjustments. Under normal circumstances, chiropractic adjustments are painless and will not hurt your child. Chiropractors do not use drugs which sometimes cause more harmful side effects than the progression of the disease itself. Drugs can also create the potential for addiction, even in young children. The Doctor of Chiropractic does not perform any invasive procedures (such as surgery) which sometimes can have irreversible side effects. These are some of the reasons why malpractice insurance rates for chiropractors are only a fraction of what physicians pay and why more than 30 million Americans choose chiropractic care for their children and themselves.

How safe is chiropractic for my child?


WHEN your child takes part in athletic activities. The "sack" of a young quarterback could twist a young spine. A softball pitcher could throw a vertebra out of alignment. Doctors of Chiropractic can do more than correct these problems, they can also help improve performance on and off the field by helping the body function at its optimum level, naturally without stress and without drugs.

Regular spinal exams by the Doctor of Chiropractic can provide corrective and preventive care for your son or daughter and peace of mind for you.


WHEN your child takes a fall. Youngsters take numerous tumbles while learning to walk, riding a bike, or even while jumping or running around. But after their tears have dried, underlying injuries could go undetected--such as a misaligned vertebra during the spine's most formative period.




ADHDI have cared for over 3000 children relieving, alleviating, and eliminating such problems as ear infections (over 500 cases), bed-wetting, croup, asthma, knee pain, growing pain, allergies, ADD & , headache, back pain, shoulder and simply improving their health. I would love to help and improve your child’s health too!


WHEN you want your child to have all the benefits of a conservative, drugless approach to health care. Your child's first visit to the Doctor of Chiropractic can be a pleasant experience, one without painful injections and procedures, but with plenty of nurturing. A Doctor of Chiropractic should examine your child during that all-important first year of life when spinal trauma can occur during birth as well as from tumbles while learning to sit up or walk. Improper lifting and carrying of your child can also contribute to spinal stress. Your child's spine grows almost 50% in length during that first year (the equivalent of a six-footer growing to nine feet in just 12 months!) It's this kind of tremendous growth and developmental changes which make a complete chiropractic examination so important in the early stages of your child's life. 





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