Sooner or later nearly everyone gets a headache, but to about 20 percent of us
they are chronic or recurrent.


What Puts the “Ache” in Headache?

Surprisingly, a headache is not a “brainache.” The brain, most of its membranes and the skull feel no pain at all. That is why during brain surgery patients can be wide awake, even talking to the doctors while their brains are being cut out, probed or otherwise tampered with (local anesthetic is used to numb the scalp).

But when the pain-sensitive parts-the arteries of the brain and skull, the duramater that covers the brain and the cranial nerves-are infected, pulled, inflamed, stretched, compressed or irritated, headaches usually result.

Chiropractic and Headaches

Although chiropractic is not a headache therapy, for over a hundred years headache sufferers have benefited from the drug-free, natural methods used by their neighborhood chiropractors. By eliminating spinal subluxations, chiropractic permits the entire body to restore itself to a greater level of health and wholeness-in effect, to heal itself. Chiropractic spinal care is essential for anyone who suffers from headaches. (Chiropractic –Bringing out the best in you! Ted Koren, D.C.).

In over 20 years of experience in our officeNo headache is normal, it is a sign the body is out of balance. We usually find an imbalance (we have helped thousands of people get relief from all types of headache pain. We look for and correct the cause of the problem, not just cover up the symptoms and without the toxic side effects of drugs.asubluation) in the upper neck area. Correcting this imbalance often corrects and eliminates the headaches.


A study published in the February 2000 issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, (JMPT), showed that people suffering with migraine headaches were helped with chiropractic care. The study was conducted in Australia at the Chiropractic Research Center of Macquarie University. In this research 177 volunteers were studied who had migraine headaches for over 18 years on average. Many of the participants also suffered from neck pain.

The average response of the group that received chiropractic care showed a statistically significant improvement in migraine frequency, duration, and disability. The study also showed that those who received chiropractic care were able to reduce their medication use, with a significant number reducing their medication usage to zero! Additionally, 59% had no neck pain after a period of two months, and another 35% had a decrease in neck pain.

The researchers concluded this study, built on previous studies that had similar results. "There have now been several studies demonstrating significant improvement in headaches or migraines after chiropractic.” The Migraine Foundation of Australia estimates that some 12% of Australians ages 15 and over, experience migraines.

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